Hello! My name is Katrina Simyab and I'm the founder of event planning, social media management and styling company Inspo & Co.

With over ten years of experience, I've managed everything from a groom's shoe falling apart right before he walks down the aisle to a food cart not showing up to feed 100 hungry guests. 

I've conquered internet trolls, closing down infringing Facebook pages and clients that couldn't remember any social account passwords.

I braved outdoor styled shoots that should have been indoors, calmed cranky models and found clever ways to make three dollar products shine on set like a million bucks.

Most importantly I have learned that I LOVE what I do, there isn't anything I can't handle and to always carry ibuprofen. :)

I look forward to helping you relax, sit back and enjoy your next big event, photoshoot or marketing adventure.  I got you.