8 Items You Need in Your Closet This Summer



Summer is a day away and I am getting so many questions about my favorite items to style for warm weather! I am in the process of transitioning my own closet into a capsule and will be sharing more on that switch in future blog posts. Even though I am paring down, I reassess every season and choose up to 10 new items to re-energize my closet and make it weather appropriate. 

I've rounded up eight must-have pieces that I am adding to my closet this July. Every one of these items works together and can be styled to make multiple different outfits!  I put together a "straight" size (size 0-10) capsule of these items as well as a plus (size 12-up) collection so you can find and buy these items at any size! 

I am all about style accessibility and believe that all bodies can be flatter and complemented by stylish options without breaking the bank. I try as much as I can in these posts to only include items that are easily accessible in a range of sizes and in a reasonable price point. I do love buying higher quality items that can be more expensive but know that price can be a supposed barrier to fashion for many people. I hope my posts help you find items that work well for you and also are within your price range the majority of the time. 


1. Orange Swing Tank

2. Blue Striped Flutter Shirt

3. White Button-Up

4. Off The Shoulder Top

5. Ruffle Midi-Skirt

6. Green Jumpsuit

7. A-Line Jersey Dress

8. Mid-Length Jean Shorts

Here are some potential outfit combos:

1 + 5

2 + 8

2 + 3 + 8

3 + 7

4 + 8

4 + 5

2 + 5

2 + 7 (tie up top to be cropped)

5 + 7 (dress layered under skirt like a top)

3 + 8 (tie shirt in frount knot)


I love to help with styling concerns! Comment below with your questions or email me if you would like to collaborate on a styling project, need help with a closet clean out or want to work on finding your own personal style!!