Are Wedding Shows Worth It?


inspo & co.

Checking out a wedding show is an awesome way to see tons of wedding trends all in one afternoon. Even if you think you have your wedding totally planned, it's worth it to go to a wedding show -  just to taste free cake samples!

Here are my TOP TIPS for getting the most out of your wedding show experience! 

  1. Many shows have raffle prizes, giveaways and freebies that you can only get by attending so take advantage of these offerings by visiting every booth. Bring a business card to easily enter raffles and be prepared to give out your email address for a chance to win. Remeber that everyone is there to try and sell you on your services and that's ok!   Experience what they have to offer and don't feel guilty if you don't mesh with their services. Vendors want you to have a good experience and know not every attendee will choose them for their wedding.
  2. Plan on spending 4-plus hours to explore all offerings. There is no way to quickly browse a large wedding show. Wear comfy clothes/shoes, bring a wallet/purse that is hands-free, have your phone fully charged and get ready to leisurely browse!
  3. Get a card/service offerings from any place you may possibly like. You will want to try and remember EVERY booth that is cute, but the day will be a blur by the end of the show. Always ask for a brochure or card from each vendor you're interested in and then find them online after the show. 
  4. DO NOT feel obligated to sign up for services/buy anything at the actual show. It can be overwhelming and exciting to attend a wedding show and many times it's easy to impulsively buy services on a whim. Give yourself some time to think each offering over and be honest with vendors that you are interested in services, but need time to talk to your partner and review your budget. If a vendor is pushy, don't feel bad about just saying "Thank you for this info. I'll reach out once we make a decision". 
  5. Bring your girls. Honestly, I think wedding shows are so much more fun with your girlfriends or mother. I've been to many wedding shows and always get the vibe that vendors are catering to brides over grooms. It can be a SUPER FUN afternoon to experience with your friends, who I'm sure, would love to give you feedback on your options and share the excitement of your big day. If it's a two day show - hit up the first day with the girls and really take your time at each booth. Then come back the second day with your partner with a game plan of specific vendors you are really interested in. 

Ultimately - wedding shows are a great opportunity to savor the time you have as a bride and get tons of wedding inspo in one easy place. Go to as many as you can and take advantage of meeting awesome vendors who want to help you have the wedding of your dreams. 

I hope we have an opportunity to meet at a wedding show, but if not - I would love to talk about your unique wedding needs. Let me help you narrow down exactly what you want on your big day so you can stress less and enjoy your wedding journey more. Click on the button below to set up a coffee date with me!