Words that have been used to describe ME:   

Quirky, Fun, Trustworthy, Life-Saver, Dedicated, Committed, Original, Hard-Working, Witty, Nice, Hilarious, Experienced, Professional, Imaginative, Positive!
Katrina is the best kind of colleague and collaborator: a woman with vision AND a mission. She brings such a high level of professionalism, imagination, and positivity to what she does; it’s always great to work with her.
— Monica

Katrina is a game changer. She isn’t someone that has only one talent...she has many! At any time I could tap her on the shoulder to lead a special project, new initiative, or just cover for someone else and she enthusiastically accepts and excels. I would never have to follow up to make sure she was meeting milestones as she always delivered. Her personality is engaging and she comes across as both professional and easy going. Her social media skills are incredible. She is wired into so many outlets and medias. Smart and agile, she has it all!
— Jennifer

Katrina is not only an incredible communicator, but she generates ideas, gets excited about streamlining and finding more impactful processes, and is so chill you’ll put all worries aside. And she’s fun and knows what’s going on out there in the world, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the fast-moving changes in culture and social media. Can I mention again how fun she is?
— Ellen

I've had the pleasure of working with: